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Hi there, 

I'm Stav German, a voice teacher.

My job, as I see it, is to provide you with a set of tools enabling you to express yourself freely in the sound and style you want. I teach regardless of musical style or personal preference.

I believe everybody can learn how to sing healthily and I do my best to create a safe and positive environment so you’d have the freedom to explore, learn and express yourself.


I am not just a voice teacher, I'm certified as the first CVT teacher in New York!


(Learn more about CVT here)

I hold a diploma from Complete Vocal Institute, Denmark and Rimon School for Contemporary Musics. As part of my education, I studied Voice pedagogy with Tami Katzen and Cathrine Sadolin and took part in ensembles of different genres.

In the past 10 years, I have taught singing and music to children and adults ages 6-90 year old in different musical styles and levels of experience, privately and in groups through institutes such as Beit-Zvi college for theater and musical theater.


In the past 5 years, I have taught and organized various vocal workshops in Tel Aviv, New York, and Los Angeles for singers, actors, and voice teachers privately and through Vocalize U.

I now teach voice lessons in Brooklyn, New York in a positive and constructive way.

Read what I have to say about my passion in the recent Subkit interview. 

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After co-founding the indie-pop duo Stav & Roni and leading the indie-rock band Malinka, I Co-Produced my debut album with sound designer Avi Elbaz and released it in May 2018 under the name STAV G. As an indie musician based in NYC, I bring my own mix of Mediterranean and western influences to life in electro-acoustic computer-based live sets at local venues including Lovecraft, The Delancey, The Tank, Saint Anne’s Wharehouse, Muchmore, and The Bowery Electric.

In addition, I am in constant collaboration with different artists and musicians such as puppeteer Marte Johanne Ekhougen, tap percussionist Sandra Kluge, Brazilian musician Nanny Assis, composer Yael German, Vocal laboratory Moving Star, and more.

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