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Workshops and classes could be uniquely tailored for any group and purpose.


Contact me for further inquiries.

JUNE 2021

Strengthen your voice and expand your vocal abilities

in a practical, simple, and encouraging way.

  • Starting on Wednesday, June 23rd
    or Sunday, June 27th, and will last 5 weeks.

  • Ages 15-18: Wednesdays at 5 pm EST or Sundays at 2 pm EST, starting on June 27th

  • Ages 19 and up: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm EST, or Sundays at 3:30 EST, starting on June 27th

  • Every lesson will be followed by a weekly assignment, vocal exercises, and a video supplementing the lesson. 

  • In the week between lessons, participants will be given assignments and tools to practice what they've learned.

  • There will be a live streaming concert where participants sing the songs of their choosing: June 25th, 6 pm. *Time and date may change.

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