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Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a teaching method based on cutting-edge research applicable to singers across all genres.


CVT has quickly become the most well-known contemporary vocal method in Europe because it is effective, simple, and achieves the results singers want.


All voices are subjected to the same set of rules and once we know these rules, we can apply the correct technique in order to sing whatever we'd like: from Rock and heavy metal to Jazz and Opera!

  • Affiliations
    Moving Star A vocal ensemble of improvisation and original compositions in residence at Carnegie Hall ​ Complete Vocal Institute Vocal education and research institute in Denmark. ​ NY Music Co-op The first music co-operative in New York’s history. ​ Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Music college in association with Berklee College of Music ​ Puppet Playlist Show Puppeteers and musicians interpretations to a chosen them Salomé ArtHaus Artist collective Complete Vocal Technique Israel A collective of Israel’s authorized CVT teachers. CVT USA A collective of authorized CVT teachers in the United States of America. Raz Kennedy San Francisco Bay Area's Premiere Vocal Coach, music educator, producer, and vocalist. Polly Gutman CVT vocal coach, singer, and partner.
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