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Other than being a voice teacher, I also teach music to toddlers, kids, and even babies!

Being a mother myself, I'm in constant search of quality music that will engage and challenge my child. 

That's why I developed a speciel curriculum based on my vast experience working with babies and kids of all ages.

I believe music helps develop our kid's mind even when they don't show interest. Exposure to music from a young age, even while still in the womb, is a significant part of nurture and growth.




Other than working as a teacher's assistant, a nanny, and babysitter for ages 4 months- 12 years, I was involved in various musical projects for children.


As a singer, I recorded and performed in Yael German's albums and plays. Her compositions feature Hebrew poetry and game-based songs for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.


As part of my Music Education in College, I taught and built a curriculum for small groups of children with behavioral issues. 


In addition to teaching voice and piano lessons, I was also fortunate to be the choir conductor of fourth and fifth graders in Shivtey-Israel Elementry School, Modiin.

Classes for babies:


Bond with your baby and with other parents. Learn how to use music to establish routine, soothe, and communicate with your baby. We will sing songs that keep your baby stretching, swaying and smiling. There is a strong element of therapy for the parent through music and discussion.

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Classes for Toddlers:


The classes are intended for toddlers, ages 1.5 to 3 years old, from both English and Hebrew speaking households.

This multi-lingual class is filled with game-based songs and music to promote listening, musical, and language skills.

WINTER SEMESTER: 10 classes in central Brooklyn, NY.

Fridays at 9 am

January 20 March 31

Sundays at 9 am

February 12 - May 7

Price: $350 

Special Launch price: $300


For late registration use discount code SHALOMBABY

Contact me for more details

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