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Fundamentals of Singing

Strengthen your voice and expand your vocal abilities

in a practical, simple, and encouraging way.

A five-week vocal course with personal and group support. 

Participants will learn the fundamentals of vocal technique and apply them in songs of their choosing- songs that can be performed at an online live show.

The course includes

  • Weekly 60-minute online group lesson that includes learning Vocal Technique, Vocal exercises, application in songs of different genres, and short individual coaching.

  • Weekly videos of the lessons to revisit and practice with.

  • A supportive Facebook group to discuss, share videos and ask questions.

  • An online streaming concert of the group’s work.


Participants will get a chance to win a private lesson.

The pillars of Vocal Technique are finally broken down!

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In this Online Vocal Course, participants will learn the fundamentals necessary for a healthy singing technique in every musical style.

  • Affiliations
    Moving Star A vocal ensemble of improvisation and original compositions in residence at Carnegie Hall ​ Complete Vocal Institute Vocal education and research institute in Denmark. ​ NY Music Co-op The first music co-operative in New York’s history. ​ Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music Music college in association with Berklee College of Music ​ Puppet Playlist Show Puppeteers and musicians interpretations to a chosen them Salomé ArtHaus Artist collective Complete Vocal Technique Israel A collective of Israel’s authorized CVT teachers. CVT USA A collective of authorized CVT teachers in the United States of America. Raz Kennedy San Francisco Bay Area's Premiere Vocal Coach, music educator, producer, and vocalist. Polly Gutman CVT vocal coach, singer, and partner.
Stav Vocal Design

Who is this course for?

  •  Beginners and Intermediate singers and actors.

  • Curious individuals who'd like to better their singing abilities

  • Teenagers and adults who'd like to gain vocal power, stability, and control over their voice.

  • Recommended ages 15+

Stav Vocal Design Sing

When is the course?

  • The course is starting on Wednesday, June 23rd
    or Sunday, June 27th, and will last 5 weeks.

  • Ages 15-18: Wednesdays at 5 pm EST, or Sundays at 2 pm EST.

  • Ages 19 and up: Wednesdays at 6:30 pm EST, or Sundays at 3:30 EST.

  • Every lesson will be followed by a weekly assignment, vocal exercises, and a video supplementing the lesson. 

  • In the week between lessons, participants will be given assignments and tools to practice what they've learned.

  • There will be a live streaming concert where participants sing the songs of their choosing: June 25th, 6 pm. *Time and date may change.

Vocal Workshop Stav

Holds a diploma from Complete Vocal Institute, Denmark, and Rimon School for Contemporary Music


In the past 10 years, she has taught singing and music to different musical styles and levels of experience, privately and in groups through institutes such as Beit-Zvi college for theater and musical theater.​

Stav believes that everybody can learn how to sing healthily and strives to create a safe and positive environment that allows exploring, learning, and expression.

Her job, as she sees it, is to provide you with a set of tools enabling you to express yourself freely in the sound and style you want, regardless of musical style or personal preference.​


I attended some workshops with Stav. Had a great experience. Stav helped me explore new options with my voice. I found Stav very attentive to individual singers each with her or his issues.

— Yael S

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 12.44.30

Stav is a great teacher, she is patient, professional, helpful and charismatic. There is so much to learn from her teachings. Give her a try if you are serious about enhancing your performance, you will be pleased. ***** Stars

— Camila E

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